Staré Hory is a mountain village which is situated on the common borders of two national parks – Veľká Fatra and Nízke Tatry, with rich fauna and flora. The centre of village is in altitude of 472m. Surroundings of village and national parks give many possibilities for summer and winter tourism along the well-known touristic routes:
- to Veľká Fatra through Turecká or Rybô, to Majerova skala, Kráľova studňa, to Sedlo, Čierny Kameň and Borisov.
     - to Nízke Tatry through Richtárová, Haliar, Jelenská dolina, below Jelenská skala, Šturec, Šachtička, by pathway to Donovaly, Kalište, Baláže, Špania dolina and Pohronie.

 You can visit Badinsky primaeval forest nad Harmanecká cave.

     On your wandering you can also visit surrounding castles: in Zvolen, Slovenská Ľupča, Vígľaš, Dúbravica, Hronsek and a ruins of castles as well in Revište, Šášov, Sklabina, Blatnica. Palaces: Diviaky, Necpaly, Horná Mičiná, Antol, Banská Bystrica. You couldn´t leave out a city memorial reserve in Kremnica or convent in Kláštor pod Znievom.

You can visit a surrounding spas in every time in the year: Sliač( www.spa-sliac.sk ), Kováčová( www.kovacova.sk ), Brusno( www.kupelebrusno.sk ), Korytnica, Ľubochňa, Turčianske Teplice ( www.therme.sk ), Sklené Teplice( www.sklene-teplice.sk

Of course you can´t miss to visit a ski centres:

     -     Donovaly (10km): 13x ski tow, 1x cabin cableway, 2x chairlift, cableway for children,  18x ski slope, an artificial snow, night skiing, ski school. More at www.parksnow.sk

     -     Turecká (4km): 4x ski tow, cableway for children,  7x ski slope, an artificial snow. More at www.skiturecka.sk

     -     Šachtička (14km): www.sachtickyas.sk

     -     Čachovo (20km): www.selce-cachovo.sk

Very good skiing is  on  Chopok – Juh  as well.

 When you will be on Donovaly don´t miss out:

     -     snow paragliding, something for adventurous natures, Who didn´t see, can´t believe.Fascinated view from a bird perspective, tandem jumps, professional instructors.

     -    dog teams, a dog howls, a fantastic winter atmosphere.

     -     airboarding, joyride on a tobogan

     -     bungee activities, bungee trampoline, bungee running – it´s a running on a bungee rope,which puts a resistance

You can see many things in a very close surroundings:

Turecká – at the end of spring you can visit International Championship in cooking and eating of typical Slovakian speciality „ halusky „. We would like to visit all fans and gourmets to visit us and to spend this incredible atmosphere with us.

Krňačky“ in Turecka -  an incredible atmosphere, a lot of fun and an incredible performances on typical sledge named „ krnacky“

Králiky – „ Biela stopa SNP“ , a traditional tournament on cross-country ski

Špania Dolina – every year is opened a traditional bobbin lace school in Spania Dolina. Many applicants from whole world usually come here to study in  summer school of  traditional textile methods.

You can also walk from Stare Hory to Spania Dolina by colliery from a year 1614.

     If you have a big interest of golf you can find a green in Sliač( www.golf-hron.sk ). Your desire for culture and shopping  will be satisfied in Banska Bystrica ( www.bbb.sk , www.banskabystrica.sk ) or other sities.

     We offered you only a few possibilities how you can spend your free time in „ Chalupa u potoka“ and its lovely surroundings. More information  on

www.slovakonline.sk, www.discoverslovakia.info



Nízke Tatry:


Veľká Fatra:

Primaeval of Badin:


Cave in Harmanec:


City castle Banská Bystrica:


Zvolen Castle:


Slovenská Ľupča Castle:


Ruin of Sasov:

City Memorial Reservaion in Kremnica:


Spa of Kováčová:


Spa of Trenčianske Teplice:


Spa of Sklenné Teplice:


Ski Centre of Donovaly:



Ski Centre of  Turecká:


Ski Centre of  Chopok - Juh:



„Halušky“ in Turecka:


„Krňačky“ in Turecka:

Špania Dolina:


Laces of Spania Dolina:



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