The Staré Hory are situated on the territorial boundaries of  the Nizke Tatry and  the Veľká Fatra in the Starohorská dolina. There is a brook with the same name. Mountain village consists from many other settlements: Horný Jelenec, Dolný Jelenec, Valentová, Rybô, Polkanová, which are situated in other valleys.

     The Staré Hory are mentioned before 1536 as a mining settlement on the  town territory of Banská Bystrica. However, this settlement was established earlier in 13th and 14th century. It has been familiar  as a Altgepurg since 1536, the name of the village was changed later to Staré Hory, Ohegy in Hungarian language and Altgebirge in German language. A townsmen from Banská Bystrica used a rich silver and silver-cupric deposits in 13th and 14th century till 1495 and later a mining companies  have been adopted by Thurzo – Fugger´s  company. They have been  used till 1546. A mostly mined deposits were adopted by a Mining Chamber in the Banská Bystrica in the same year / 1546 / and this chamber submitted all deposits to a private miners. A mining profession vanished in the 18th century. But inhabitants didn´t engage only to mining industry, they worked in forests, they made a bobbin laces and embroideries. At the end of the 19th century they established  a Bobbin lace school . The main reason was to fortify a local bobbin lace production.

      Staré Hory are well-known as a catholic pilgrim place with a history of pilgrimages since 15th century. There is a spring and a chapel with a statue of  Our Lady from  a Carar´s marble in the valley named Studnička, at the place of supposed vision of Our Lady in the 15th century. Dominant feature of the village is a late Gothic, Roman Catholic church of Our Lady Visit from 1499, which has been rebuilt to Baroque style in 1722 and in 1850 arranged  to Classic style once again. We can offer many other church buildings:  St. Anna´s Chapel, mother of Our Lady from 1794 and the Stations of the Cross with a Chapel of Trinity from 19th century. You can find one floor Baroque building of previous Minig Office from the second  half of the 18th century, or a building of previous Old People´s Home from the first half of the 18th century.

    A many tragic war events occured during the Slovak National Uprising. Rebels retreated  to Donovaly at the end of October 1944 via Starohorská dolina. Staré Hory were the centre of a rebels movement in the autumn and in the winter 1944. Village was released on 4th of May, 1945 by a Romanian soldiers which were a part of 2nd Ukrainian front.






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